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Marina DeBona, M.Ed.
Program Manager
Continuing Professional Education
School of Continuing Studies
York University

Working with Rick Nigol has been an absolute delight, as his commitment to delivering high-quality educational learning solutions is truly commendable. Rick consistently demonstrates a remarkable blend of creativity, expertise, and reliability, ensuring that each project not only meets but exceeds expectations. His ability to deliver on time and within budget is a testament to his meticulous planning and effective project management skills. Beyond his professional competence, Rick's collaborative and amiable nature makes every interaction a pleasure, fostering a positive and productive working environment. Working alongside Rick Nigol guarantees not only successful educational solutions but also a partnership characterized by efficiency, reliability, and genuine enjoyment.

Claude Sam-Foh
Chief Architect
Centennial College

A few years ago, I was hired as a course developer for a program in Cloud Strategy and Governance. Rick was assigned to guide us a professional course designer. He paid attention to details and always had the perspective of the learner in mind. This is very critical to ensure an outcome based development to enrich the experiences of the learner. Furthermore, he helps in validating the evaluative components of the course to ensure a comprehensive and balanced assessment of the content.

Becky Doyle
Instructional Designer

Over the last 7 years I have jumped at every opportunity to work with Rick. Not only is he incredibly thoughtful in instructional design work and managing projects, he's been a fantastic mentor for me in my career. Rick has a knack for choosing the right people to collaborate with and ensuring all projects meet or exceed deadlines.

Taymour Bibi
Advisory Board Member / Lead Course Developer / Lead Instructor

It was a pleasure working alongside Rick to develop the curriculum and all the learning material for a new Clinical Research post graduate program at York University School of Continuing Studies. Rick kept the team of 6 instructors organized. Whenever we ran into any issues or discussions Rick was always helpful in reminding us of the big picture and the best way forward. Rick allowed us to focus on developing dynamic and interactive courses that flowed well from one to the other. This made for a strong program that students are appreciating and getting a lot of value from. It has been such a pleasure working with Rick over the last 3 years, his knowledge, calm demeanor and "can do" attitude made all the difference to our success.