Why Choose Our Company?

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We are definitely not a “one-size-fits-all” eLearning solutions company. All we do is customized, based on your situation and your needs. We are the epitome of a custom eLearning development services company.

Our advantage

Experience and Expertise
We have a proven track record of delivering results for nearly 40 years.
Customization and Flexibility
All of our solutions are bespoke…. tailored to your organization’s specific needs.
Innovative Instructional Design
We focus on an applied active learning (learning-by-doing) approach that is focused on developing needed competencies.
Proven Project Management Skills
We have a track record of having completed hundreds of eLearning projects on time and on budget.
We can scale eLearning solutions to your organization’s size and structure.
Cost and Value
We are a “boutique" consultancy, and we keep our overheads low, allowing us to pass on these savings to you in competitively-priced services.
Technical Proficiency
We are technology-agnostic, and have experience with a wide range of eLearning authoring software and learning management systems. We are not enamoured with technology at the expense of what is really important. Most eLearning companies have been established by individuals with some sort of technical background. They see learning as just another thing to do with technology. We, coming from the learning side, see technology as just another thing that can enhance learning. However, the focus is always on the learning. This is an important distinction.
Alignment with Your Goals
We are laser-focused on your organization’s goals, values and culture at all times.